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Finding the AUC files in a flash: Where to find the AppData folder

Whenever someone experiences a bizarre, inexplicable error, you will see a standard list of steps to try and solve the problem. These standard steps usually range from deleting the user setup on a form, to restarting the AOS.

If the unsolvable issue is limited to one user, a typical task to try is to delete the Application User Cache (AUC) files in the user’s AppData folder.

The AppData folder is hidden inside the user’s folder, and can be in different locations on different servers. I can get a little lost looking for the AppData folder… Luckily I have made a mind-blowing discovery this week: Windows have a thing called path variables or system variables. Some programmers use them to do amazing things, but the simplest way to use them is to type them in windows explorer.

     For example, on any windows server, open explorer and type: %Appdata%

    Hit enter.

    You will see the Application Data folder.


Back to AX, to the delete the AUC files:

  1. Close the user’s client.
  2. Open explorer, type %Appdata%.
  3. Delete the all files ending with .auc.
  4. Open the client.
  5. Celebrate your victory over the mysterious error! (or move on the the next desperate step on the list)

Additional tips:

  • If you frequently have to clear out the Appdata folder, get a batch script like this one.
  • Try the same thing for other system folders like %temp% or %programdata%.
  • Learn more about system variables here. Find out how you can set up your own and use them in scripts.

Hope this nifty trick saves you time and impresses your friends!

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