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Microsoft Dynamics AX Debugging Users group

Here is a quick but useful tip that I learned today:

If you see this when you expected to see the debugger:
Debugging user group

  1. Go to Control Panel -> System and Security -> Administrative tools -> Computer Management
    (To find it quickly, press the windows key on the keyboard and start typing “Computer Management”)
  2. computer management

  3. Click on Local Users and Groups -> Groups. In the middle pane, Click on “Microsoft Dynamics AX Debugging Users”.
  4. Dynamics Ax Debugging Users

  5. Click on the Add button. (Users that are already added are displayed in the members block. Mine are blacked out for privacy.)
  6. Users

  7. In the dialog, enter the name of the user you want to add to the Microsoft Dynamics AX Debugging Users group and click on OK.
  8. Select Users

  9. Sign out and back into the Windows account.

It is possible that only the admin has rights to add users to the Microsoft Dynamics AX Debugging Users group. In that case you will have to log in with the admin account or ask the administrator to complete these steps for you.

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