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5 Goals for my second year as a Dynamics Ax programmer

Warning:This will be the most uninformative and least instructional post on the blog to date. This post is entirely personal and you can feel free to skip it. Otherwise, read on to be inspired!

Two days ago I posted the 10 things I learned in my first year as an AX Developer. Since then I have been thinking what I would like to focus on and achieve by this time next year. I feel that I need to post my goals here so they are public. This will hopefully add some pressure to accomplish them. In no particular order, I would like to:

  1. Understand Inventory I really find inventory in Dynamics AX difficult. I am not even sure what this entirely entails, but at the moment I quiver with fear when I hear “InventTrans”, “Batch”, “InventDim” or “InventSum”.
  2. Be better at the technical theory(for lack of a better description). I bought Inside Microsoft Dynamics AX R3 a few months ago and have successfully read the introduction. I don’t think I will be able to read the entire book in a year, but by next year, I want to be at least finish with part one.
  3. Ask less help. This sounds like an odd goal; I mean asking for help is completely normal. I am worried that I lean to strongly on others and avoid working independently. This goal is difficult to quantify, but I want to try to write down questions so that I can get an idea what the areas are I am technically or functionally lacking.
  4. Blog at least once a week. This is the goal I am working on this very moment. 😉 Of course, I do not want to write nonsense (like this post) simply to reach one post a week. At the moment I have tons of interesting blog post drafts, Windows Sticky Notes and scraps of paper. I want to work on them and get them out there. If all goes well I would also like to start some series of sorts.
  5. Join a development real live community.So far I have seen mostly groups aimed at Dynamics users. I want to find a group focused on development that physically meets in a city near me. If you know of any, please let me know in the comments!

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