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Hello world!

Hello world!

I thought I would just leave the default WordPress first post title. For a blog of this nature it just felt too appropriate to spend any time on a more creative heading.

Around six months ago I became a Microsoft Dynamics AX developer. Before I started working as an AX developer, I had never heard of Axapta, Dynamics Ax or any ERP software for that matter. Some of my friends where SAP developers, but I mostly pretended to know what that entailed. I was vastly unprepared for the world of programming that awaited me.

From about the very first day I realized I wanted to write everything that I learn down. I was constantly getting stuck with simple tasks and had to disturb a senior developer to explain rudimentary things to me. I had a notepad, but I frequently did not have enough time to write everything on paper, especially if it involved a few lines of code. I knew I needed a blog.

It’s been six months since I started developing, so why start it now?

  • I am busy working on a data upgrade form Ax 4.0 to Ax 2012. It’s not what I expected at all. It’s a lot of trial and error and I would like to document our experiences.
  • Recently two developers started at my company. Like me, they have zero AX experience. While helping them, I realized I have actually come a long way since starting out. I learn new things every day, so the sooner I start writing them down the better.
  • I want to start studying for the Development certification and this will be a good platform to make and save study notes.
  • I had a fourth reason and as soon as I remember what it was, I’ll come back and edit this post.

Welcome to my blog where I save snippets of code and study notes of everything I learn regarding Axapta/ Microsoft Dynamics Ax and X++!

2 thoughts on “Hello world!”

  • I have stumbled upon your blog while searching for dynamics AX tutorials. I’m a .net developer and have been writing C# code for one year for an inhouse developed custom ERP. I’m thinking of moving towards Dynamics AX development. There isn’t much help for beginners in this field as compared to any other programming track. I’ve learned coding simply by google. But now I think it is impossible to get to know X++ or MorphX without anyones supervision or mentoring. Do you have any tips for someone like me just starting AX technical track with zero knowledge of X++ or MorphX.

    • Hi Adeel. If you want to move into the Dynamics AX fields there are a few good comparisons between X++ and C# on the internet. Since you are already a developer you should have no problem picking up the X++ Syntax.

      The bigger issue is that you need a system to program on. Microsoft Dynamics AX is a complex system that needs a bunch of technical and functional setup before you can use it. You will also require the license codes and developer license which is really expensive.

      The best way to learn AX would be on the job. A Microsoft Dynamics AX partner or customer will have the hardware, setup, installation and licenses already and you can focus on learning development.

      I’ve been on courses and have read a lot about AX online, but as I wrote here , the best way to learn AX is definitly by working with an experianced AX developer. When you look for a job in the field make sure the employer is willing to provide you with a mentor and will invest the time it will take you to learning the ropes.

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