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Developer III Training, Day 1

Developer III Training, Day 1

Dynamics AX Development training consists of six courses from an introduction to AOT objects and X++ code, to developing Windows apps that connect to Dynamics AX. I completed Development I and II in my first two weeks as an AX developer and found it incredibly […]

Finding the AUC files in a flash: Where to find the AppData folder

Whenever someone experiences a bizarre, inexplicable error, you will see a standard list of steps to try and solve the problem. These standard steps usually range from deleting the user setup on a form, to restarting the AOS. If the unsolvable issue is limited to […]

Programming puzzle in X++: Is this character upper case?

I would like to share a logic puzzle that baffled me today (for some background, read this stack overflow question ). This will likely work in many programming languages, but obviously I am going to show you X++ code. Problem: Given the following string, write […]

X++ “Cross reference” for Base Enums

While I love using the cross reference function in Dynamics AX 2012 (and am training myself to use it more often), the cross reference in our environments are often not up to date. Unfortunately this is especially true for our client development environments. I wrote […]

Compile error: Microsoft.Office.Interop.Excel…

A few months ago I wrote a post on how to convert Excel documents to PDF with X++. Well, that piece of code made it into production! 🙂 But I just notice it does not necessarily compile with Ax Build. 🙁 The code: The error: […]

Microsoft Dynamics AX Debugging Users group

Here is a quick but useful tip that I learned today: If you see this when you expected to see the debugger: Go to Control Panel -> System and Security -> Administrative tools -> Computer Management (To find it quickly, press the windows key on […]

Generate a list of shared projects per layer

Today I add to compare the projects in an acceptance environment with the projects in the test environment. I did this so that I can make backups of the projects in test that are not in acceptance yet, before I import the acceptance model store. […]

5 Goals for my second year as a Dynamics Ax programmer

Warning:This will be the most uninformative and least instructional post on the blog to date. This post is entirely personal and you can feel free to skip it. Otherwise, read on to be inspired! Two days ago I posted the 10 things I learned in […]

10 Things I learned in my first year as a Dynamics AX developer

Today marks the end of my first year as a Dynamics AX developer! On the 1st of March 2014 I started working for a Microsoft Dynamics AX partner and I saw Dynamics AX for the first time. I had some development work experience before I […]

What is the name of the database?

I rarely need to work with the AX database. In my company developers work on the AOS, and leave SQL related thing to the BI and installation people. Therefore, if I want to see the name of the database that an AX installation uses, it […]